Are you like me? A Mummy who would love to freeze time, hang onto the sweetness of your kiddos childhood, have gorgeous family photos and make sure you are documented in your families history too? Yep? But, also like me, a little mentally overloaded and get in your own head often?

Here are 7 reasons that people tend to tell themselves why they don't deserve those family photos they wow at on social media, or see hanging on their best friends wall.

In woodland near Rowlands Castle parents tickle their little girls.

"I never know what to wear!"

Having to organise what to wear to your session can be a headache because not only do you have to dress yourself but usually it's down to Mum to dress the whole family. Your photographer should be willing and able to guide you. Some offer help from putting the basics together to offering a full wardrobe for you to choose from.

"I'm too self conscious, I don't like how I look in photos"

This one is a tricky one because I could tell you you're beautiful 'til the cows come home but it probably won't help. Making peace with past trauma or just generally thinking unkindly about yourself takes time to overcome. Also telling yourself you will book a session "when you have lost the baby weight" comes under this category. Your baby could be 10 by the time you feel comfortable in your own skin again and all that time has passed. What I can tell you is that you may feel more confident once you see the photos, possibly see yourself in a new light. Really, what's most important to remember is that your kids don't see you the way you do, they will just see the one they love and that is worth documenting, for them. In time I promise you will look back at the photos with kinder eyes and probably wonder what you were so worried about in the first place. One trick is to wear something you really feel 100% fab in because you will go into the session already feeling more comfortable and it will show in your photos.

On a beach on Hayling Island 3 siblings stand holing hands and laughing together.
"I'm worried my child will be naughty and not listen or have a melt down"

I have yet to meet a parent whose biggest worry isn't this. The way I see it, if they aren't hurting themselves or others, it is fine to let them be a bit cheeky a bend the rules a little. Your kids will relax and really enjoy having fun with you if they see you relaxed and having fun and that is what you want captured. Scolding or controlling them only tends to send things into a downward spiral. Instead keep the mood lighthearted and make sure to have a snack break. I also think that preparing your child before the session is a great idea. Tell them that you are going on a fun walk, that you will play some games and someone will be there to take photos. Showing them a photo of your photographer can also help them to feel familiar. As for meltdowns, your photographer should be completely used to this, especially if they are also a parent. I mean, who hasn't experienced their child losing it at an inconvenient time?

"I just don't have enough time"

I know that 99% of the time it is Mums wanting, instigating and booking sessions. I also know the realities of the mental mum and life load, plus to-do lists as long as your arm can leave little room for anything else.

Maybe a professional photography session just sits somewhere in the middle of that to-do list before you realise another year has passed. That you never got around to it.

Unfortunately, with kids, time is never on our side and possibly won't be until they are grown! But you really want those photos and like with most things in life if you really want it, you can make it happen. So after you have finished reading this blog, open up the calendar on your phone (or if you are a bit old school like me, head over to the calendar on the wall) and find a few dates that work for your family. Then simply ping your availability over to your dream photographer who you have been "spending time" social media stalking. It should take you, what? 5mins? I always feel quite relieved when a task that has been sitting on the list for some time is ticked off.

On a beach on Hayling Island a Father embraces his 4 year old Son, they are laughing.
"I just don't think we have the money at the moment"

I know this can be a big set back but with anything in life if you really want and value something you will save for it. They say photography is a luxury and suppose it is, but I'm sure I would rather have timeless gorgeous family photos of my than the latest iphone. For you, that could mean cancelling a subscription or not splurging on dining out for a few months. Even forgoing that pricey coffee a few times a week all adds up. The value of your photos will only increase over time.

"My partner isn't really into photos"

I have yet to chat to someone booking a session and not have them say their significant other is "not into photos". There is usually one person in the relationship who is not so excited about having their photo taken and would much rather be doing something else with their time. But the truth is, its usually only a couple of hours out of their lives to make lifelong memories with the people they love, which is surely worth it right?

If your other half is a man I have found that men can also be self conscious and have a certain amount of "manliness" they feel they need to live up to. Sometimes letting go and getting a little silly in public can be a turn off for them.

The goal is to pick a photographer who makes your session feel like just having fun on a walk with your family, playing with the kids and perhaps getting a little smoochy with you. Keeping the mood light and fun to make it as painless as possible so that at the end of the session it "wasn't as bad as they thought it would be".

"I can take great photos on my phone"

Sure, phone cameras have come a long way and I have seen some great phone photos. But like with all photography it depends on who is behind the camera. It's usually Mums who like to document their family capers, but that means they are rarely in the photo because they are behind the camera! I personally wouldn't settle for awkward selfies, you are just as important as anybody else in your family and you deserve to part of your family photos. Your whole family can just be in the moment loving on each other, playing and your photographer can make sure that all of those precious connections are immortalized.

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Estella Ward, Owner of Entwined Photography. It's my mission to capture heartfelt joy and connection. I have always been drawn to photography that draws emotion and captures the spirit of the moment that you can almost hear the laughter in the photo.

I see such beauty in all the fleeting moments of time and I've carried that perspective with me into my adult life, especially since becoming a mother. Entwined Photography is a Family, Newborn and Maternity lifestyle photographer based in Havant, Hampshire and serves areas in and around Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Fareham, Rowlands Castle and Chichester.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a Mum and small Daughter sit on a haybale laughing.