5 Tips on picking the best photographer for your family.

In a Sunflower field on Hayling Island parents laugh with their one year old daughter in between the flowers.

Getting the family photographs you desire really depends on choosing a photographer that is the best fit for your family.

Photographers, like in any creative industry, come in all different shades of personality, experience and artistic style. The 5 tips below should help you decide on who is going to be the best for you!

In the woods at Staunton country park, Havant, parents laugh with their four year old son.

1.Pick a family photographer whose editing style you LOVE.

Photographers are all artists and their editing style comes as part of their work. There can be big difference between editing styles. Some photographers describe their editing style as light and airy while others may prefer dark and moody tones and some may only do very minimal editing at all. Make sure to look at their portfolio to see if you LOVE all of their work because they will probably not change it if you decide you don't like it after the work is done.

2.Pick a family photographer who's photography style you LOVE.

Just like editing, all photographers have a shooting style. Every photographer creates art for you in a certain way. It should be obvious from their website and social media accounts what it is. Think about your family and what would suite them best. The following are the 3 most common.

Traditional Posed- Either in a studio or outdoors, the photographer will tell you exactly where and how to stand. Mostly classic look at the camera and smile style photography.

Lifestyle-Usually outdoors or at a clients home. A mixture of relaxed photographs, some looking at the camera but mostly focused on connections between people. The photographer usually guides you into comfortable poses or sets up actions to get the best reactions.

Documentary- Usually at a clients home or a space they hang out often. The photographer offers very little guidance, blends into the background and waits for the best moments to create completely natural photos.

On a beach on Hayling Island a family of four tickle each other as the sun sets behind them.

3.Pick a photographer who is experienced in family photography.

Most professional Photographers tend to specialise and have the most experience in one or two areas of photography. It is a great idea to choose a photographer who is experienced in the editing, shooting style and type of photography you would like.

You wouldn't pick someone who is a pro at food photography to take your newborn photos. Although food photographers will have brilliant understanding of light and composition as well as established editing skills they likely will not have the experience on how to work with small children to get the best smiles or bring out the heartfelt connection between family members.

The same goes for very new photographers, while they are learning they may not be able to produce the same quality as a professional who has photographed many families over a number of years. Looking through their portfolio will give you a clear understanding of what your photos will look like by how consistent they are and what they specialise in.

4.Pick a family photographer whose personality you like!

It's important to find a photographer who you like and can relate to. One that feels like they fit with your family. If you are a very reserved family who don't like too much silliness and want more serious photos then you want to pick someone who is also more reserved and calm.

I personally look for a photographer who cares about your family, the photos that will become heirlooms and someone you can relax with and chat to like a friend. Finding the photographer who fits with your family is important for the outcome of your photos and how you feel about them when you look at them over the years to come. Looking at a photographers social media or just reading their "about me" page on their website should give you a good idea on what they are like and any commonalities.

On an Auntumn day in Staunton Country Park Havant, a family walks through the leaves laughing.

5.Pick a family photographer who cares about your experience.

There is so much stress in everyone's day to day family life, you don't need more when booking a photographer. Your photographer should be able to simply guide you through everything. From booking and planning your session to receiving your photos with ease. Your photographer should be a good communicator, give helpful tips to prepare your family and be engaging during a fun filled session. A poor experience from start to finish will only give you bad feelings towards your photos for years to come and no one wants that!

I hope this helps you to find the perfect family photographer for you!

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Estella Ward, Owner of Entwined Photography. It's my mission to capture heartfelt joy and connection. I have always been drawn to photography that draws emotion and captures the spirit of the moment that you can almost hear the laughter in the photo.

I see such beauty in all the fleeting moments of time and I've carried that perspective with me into my adult life, especially since becoming a mother. Entwined Photography is a Family, Newborn and Maternity lifestyle photographer based in Havant, Hampshire and serves areas in and around Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Fareham, Rowlands Castle and Chichester.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a Mum and 2 year old daughter sit on a haybale laughing.