Ahhh! I remember those foggy love drunk newborn days, or do I really?

Of course I remember a lot but until I look back a photos I forget how tiny my munchkin really was. I never believed Mum brain was really a thing until I was one myself, and now I find that photos really strengthen my memories of my tiny squish. Those small details that my overtired brain didn't quite lock away at the time.

So? When is the best time for you to get photos with your newborn? Well, there's a few things to consider. Most newborn photographers would tell you that within the first few weeks is best. When babies are that tiny they tend to sleep a lot between feeds and are generally more settled but as a lifestyle photographer who doesn't pose babies, I would say anytime up to a month old is considered newborn and so anytime within in that window is perfect. Obviously there are differences in a fresh outta Mumma newborn and a one month old so this is where your preference comes into play.

Newborns up to 14 days old

Like I said above newborns fresh from Mumma to 14 days are usually super sleepy, content between feeds, they are still all comfy in their squished up froggy womb pose and they are oh so tiny!

in a field in Havant, Hampshire, a newborn baby girl holds tight to her dad finger
in a field in Havant new parents look lovingly on their newborn baby girl.
In a field in Havant a new Mum sits staring adoringly down at her newborn baby girl.

Newborns aged 14+ days

By now in this newborn stage you've gotten to know each other better and have established a routine of sorts. Baby is most likely to be awake during some of the session which can create some special photos.

In a field in Havant new parents sit in the long grass snuggling their newborn baby boy.
In a field in Havant, Hampshire, a new dad holds his sleeping newborn in his hands.
In a field in Havant, Hampshire, new parents smile at each other while holding their newborn baby boy.

Things to think about for any aged newborn

You may reading this as second time parents and think "I know all of this" but first time parents may be unfamiliar with a few things.


Newborns usually feed every 2-4 hours depending on if they are bottle or breastfed. However feed your baby, fed is best and I am always happy to pause a session if a feed (or nappy change) needs to happen. If you would like feeding photos then I am happy to continue while you do so. Babies with the 14 day period who are breastfed are likely to want to feed more often as your establish your routine especially babies up to 5 days old.

Your recovery

However you birth your baby there will be a period of recovery, if you find that you need a little extra time than you thought you might need I am happy to chat about rescheduling. If you feel like you would like the first few weeks at home to relax, recover and get to know your baby more then scheduling a later newborn session might be the best fit for you. During the session I will take into consideration that you are still in recovery and endeavor to keep you and your baby as comfortable as possible.

In a field in Havant, Hampshire, a new mum holds her newborn baby boy.
New parents sit in a field in Havant, Hampshire smiling at each other while holding their newborn baby boy
In a field in Havant, Hampshire, a new Dad holds his newborn baby boy while the sun sets behind them.

As a lifestyle photographer, newborn photography is focused on moments between your family so any aged newborn is the perfect age. They will still look tiny, loved and beautiful in your arms and photos with you is what you and your child will cherish in years to come.

So the decision is yours but be assured that whenever you decide to schedule your newborn photography session you will receive photos to treasure forever.

"They are the most beautiful photographs of our handsome little boy and she captured just how cute and tiny he still is which we now get to keep forever."

Oh, P.S if you are sitting there with a 5+ week old comfy in your arms and you are panicking that you left it too late, it's never too late!

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Estella Ward, Owner of Entwined Photography. It's my mission to capture heartfelt joy and connection. I have always been drawn to photography that draws emotion and captures the spirit of the moment that you can almost hear the laughter in the photo.

I see such beauty in all the fleeting moments of time and I've carried that perspective with me into my adult life, especially since becoming a mother. Entwined Photography is a Family, Newborn and Maternity lifestyle photographer based in Havant, Hampshire and serves areas in and around Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Fareham, Rowlands Castle and Chichester.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a Mum sits on a hay bale laughing with her 2 year old.