Your Guide to the best sunflower Experience!

Nestled between farmland in a sleepy part of north Hayling Island, one particular field attracts thousands of visitors each year. Over the years Sams Sunflowers has bloomed from a small field to a huge, ever-so popular attraction for all ages!

Entwined Photography will be at the field Saturday 13th August 2022

(Booking is necessary and can be found HERE)

It is my belief that photo's don't have to be a chore. I specialize in relaxed lifestyle photography and have a no forced smiles or awkward poses policy. I'll lead you to the best spots, give you a few games to play with your family and me and the camera will take care of the rest. Then after, you can disappear into the flowers to select the perfect blooms to take home safe in the knowledge that your glorious time with your family in the flowers has been documented for you to treasure forever.

Here are 5 things to expect on a Sunflower mini session with me!

  1. Getting a bit silly, laughing and have fun.
  2. Be close to each other, like, really close. You can't get close enough!
  3. Following the child/ren's lead, it really helps create a smooth session and awesome photos if they think are calling the shots.
  4. Look at each other, not me. Unless I ask you to!
  5. Moving around a bit, frolicking, throwing kids in the air or having them ride on your shoulders.
In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a family with their young Son has fun between the flowers.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your family and create the smoothest session

Pre-plan your outfits and have them ready to wear the day before your session. Clothes tip=blues, whites and mustardy yellows will make you stand out most among the flowers but most colourful outfits do work too. Stay away from florescent colours, very busy/bold patterns or clothes with big logos/cartoons on.

Pack yummy snacks for AFTER the session -top tip don't give chocolate before the session, it always ends up on someones clothes.

Those of you with very little ones prioritize naps on the day. If you have a session time that is near your kiddos bedtime don't plan too much or be super busy that day, you want all that energy saved up for your session.

Listen to fun songs in the car to get those happy vibes flowing.

Tell the kids you are going on an adventure to create some excitement.

Leave a lot earlier than needed and then add some more time on. Those unexpected traffic jams and "Mum I need a wee moments" gobble up time. Mini sessions are a back to back schedule with very little time in between. Being late risks losing time for your session, also rushing about and being late only makes you feel frazzled.

Don't forget to pack Sun cream and bug repellent!

Last one, and it's up to you as you know your kiddos best, I recommend little ones being in comfy clothes during the car journey and then quickly changing them on the backseat on arrival. Unexpected "accidents" and snack dribbles always happen when you are least expecting them! (another reason to leave early!)

At the session loosen up, go with the flow but above all let the kids get away with a little bit of cheekiness!

You'll be surprised how much they cooperate when they see everyone joining in and enjoying themselves.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a family with their young Son has fun between the flowers.
In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a family with their young Son has fun between the flowers.
In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a family with their young Son has fun between the flowers.

About Sam's Sunflowers

Access to the field includes 6 sunflowers per person, extra blooms are 50p each and payable on departure. Entry into the Maize Maze is £4pp extra.

Cash or card is accepted.

There are a small amount of secateurs available for a donation at the main gate, the farm recommends bringing your own just in case.

The field is mostly accessible with a pushchair.

There are toilets available on the field.

There is plenty of free parking.

The farmers recommends strong soled shoes as the ground can be uneven in places.

There is a snack shack near the field entrance serving hot and cold drinks and food.

Please be aware there will be a lot of busy Bees among the flowers happily going about their business!

Use post code PO11 0RT and follow the road signs. drive slowly so you dont miss them. 

St Peters Road, Northney, Hayling Island.

Sams Sunflowers Hayling Island PO11 0RT

Guide to picking the best blooms

When selecting your sunflowers, you can either go for immediate bang or the thrill of waiting to see what you get. For longevity, the farm recommends picking smaller greener heads with tight flower petals.

It is important to give your flowers fresh water every 2-3 days. Also, make a fresh cut on your stem so water can easily flow up to hydrate the flower. A cut at an angle is best.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a family with their young Son has fun between the flowers.

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Estella Ward, Owner of Entwined Photography. It's my mission to capture heartfelt joy and connection. I have always been drawn to photography that draws emotion and captures the spirit of the moment that you can almost hear the laughter in the photo.

I see such beauty in all the fleeting moments of time and I've carried that perspective with me into my adult life, especially since becoming a mother. Entwined Photography is a Family, Newborn and Maternity lifestyle photographer based in Havant, Hampshire and serves areas in and around Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Fareham, Rowlands Castle.

In a sunflower field on Hayling Island a Mum hugs her daughter on  a hay bale surrounded by sunflowers.